PSE-01 Bid

Massachusetts Operational Services Division

Modular is proud to announce our entrance to the Massachusetts Comm-buys contracting system as an PSE-01 Vendor as of 01JAN2022. 


Intertalk Systems

Modular Communications has been selected as an integration  partner for the Intertalk console product lineup.

Radio System Analysis

Our network of industry professionals undersand exactly what your organizations radio infrastructure needs are!  A  system analysis can provide depth in reaching and maintaining your two-way radio coverage and availability metrics!

Monitoring Solutions

We offer solutions for system monitoring across a diverse range of manufacturers equipment, and offer affordable solutions for continued reliable operation of your public safety two-way radio communications system.

Communications System Design

We perform complete Radio and Data (IP) infrastructure system design - from the microphones in the dispatch centers, data closets, over fiber-optic and microwave backhaul, right on out to the radio tower sites!  

Push to talk, Release to listen - we'll ensure you have clear and reliable coverage where it matters most.  When only the best will suffice!

IP Networking

Todays' communications systems leverage private IP computer networks.  We have a certified MTCNA on staff to deal with IP network acrhitecture and design elements for secure transversal of remote radio resources.  Have multiple disparate networks needing a unified approach?  Give us a call!

IP and TDM Microwave

We are a Cambium Certified Partner, with experience deploying a variety of microwave solutions from 900MHz through 60GHz; with experience in both TDM and IP based solutions.  How can we help you achieve your connectivity goals?

Simoco Wireless  Solutions

Analog, P25 and DMR IP Simulcast solutions from Simoco Wireless Solutions are available here!

L3Harris Authorized Dealer

We are an authorized L3Harris dealer, offering the latest technologies!   Offering the very latest in LTE Integration, the XL200 terminal products (mobile and portable) offer VHF, UHF, 7/800 and LTE with standard equipment features such as P25 Conventional operation, Bluetooth and WiFi!

Tait Authorized Dealer

We are a full-line dealer for Tait's P25 and DMR Product portfolios!   Specializing in IP native hardware, Tait has long been a leader in the IP Voting and Simulcast space.   Solutions include Analog and P25 Simulcast; as well as a vast array of amazing terminals built Tait Tough!   Whether Analog, P25, or DMR - Tait has a solution for you!

Authorized JVCKenwood/EF Johnson Dealer

We are an Authorized Kenwood dealer!   JVCKenwood provides a large variety of amazing terminal solutions, including the NX5000 Series with capability to support Analog, P25, and DMR in a single radio!  Their NX5000 Multi-deck radio is capable of simultaneous multi-band multi-mode receive capability, as well as having the option for a built-in vehicle extender mode! 

Our experience is in the design of  reliable dispatch center communications consoles and two-way radio infrastructure systems.  With many sizable IP Voting and IP Simulcast projects completed for clients  throughout New England, we can demonstrate what your communications system COULD be!  We seek to design and build modern, scalable, reliable communications systems that will be tailored to best serve your agencies exact needs; with the latest of technologies available - with the ability to adapt and scale as your needs change.

Bringing Two-Way Radio into the 21st Century!

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